Automate tasks to make your life easier.

Snaptagr allows you to easily create tags for automating tasks around your home, workplace, or even whilst out and about. Just create your snaptagr tag online and we will post it you - then just scan it with your smart phone, and have us handle the rest. Examples include turning all your home lights off when you leave the house, or sending you a text with the weather forecast. Anything is possible with SnapTagr.

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Simple Solutions

We put a lot of effort in design and ease of use, as it’s the most important ingredient to make life easier. From creating your tag to using it, the process is straight forwards.

Dedicated Support

We like to hear your questions and are there to provide support. Should you have issues with your tag, or if you have an idea for a totally bespoke task, just get in touch.

Develop your own

We aim to make automating tasks as simple as possible. However, if you are a technical person and would like to develop your own bespoke tasks, that's great too!

Simple Pricing

Works on Android and iOS. Prices are per tag, tags can be reassigned different tasks after purchase.
For tags which require SMS, we charge 1p per text message.



1 tag
  • 1 Tag
  • Up to 3 tasks per tag
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Free support



3 tags
  • 3 tags
  • Up to 5 tasks per tag
  • Unlimted Devices
  • Free Support



10 tags
  • 10 tags
  • Up to 10 tasks per tag
  • Unlimted Devices
  • Free Support

Trusted by Thousands

Our tag work out of the box, simple, easy to use and effective.